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Our Terms of Use

Don't claim our stuff as your own! If you want to use our walls and floors in your own house that will be uploaded to a site, thats fine. Just make sure there's credit to SimSweet or the artist for them.

Want to be an artist here?

Submit your origional creations to this e-mail

Please include

  • Your First name
  • Attatched Zip file of your creation(s)
  • Preview images for each one
  • The Catagory you think each one belongs to
  • A short description of what it is and any special instructions for downloading
  • Does it require CEP?
  • If it needs a mesh from another site include a link to that site
  • Also if it requires any EPs include the names of those

Thank you for contributing to the site! You should see your creations 1 to 2 days after submition depending on how many there were and on what day it is. The site will not be updated on sundays.


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