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Would you like to be an artist here but don't know how to start? Well, One of the easiest ways is by creating sims! In the body shop, create your sim and instead of uploading to the sims 2 website, You can choose to export it to a file. Drag that file into a zip and submit it to the site!

A new body shop tutorial will be comming soon!  

1/6/09 -

New Guestbook! We now have a guestbook so you can leave your comments! Some Rules of the Guestbook-

It is not a place to advertise your site or request things. Currently there is no place for that here but we will be adding one soon!


Everything has been fixed so now you can get to downloading! To download the items on this site, click the download button and save it to your desktop. If you don't have the sims 2 file maid then you can download it here. Open sims 2 file maid and drag the file onto the lawn. It should now appear in your game! Incase there is something wrong with sims 2 file maid, you can also extract the files from the zip into your downloads folder. That will also work. Happy Downloading! 


The site is still being worked on! It's been hard trying to figure out how to be able to download things from the site but it's comming along! Merry Christmas! 

Latest new download! 

SimSweet has free downloads and tutorials for the sims 2.

Below is from my little sisters website! She is only nine and needs a lot of support so go and check it out! 


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