Creating your very own custom floors in 6 easy steps!

Step 1- Start by opening up sims 2 home crafter. While it's opening use this time to search for images that you will want to use for your floors. For this tutorial, I chose to use this fun green circle pattern. It will be best when picking a pattern to find one that is "Seamless" Which means the pattern will repeat and look much better.

Step 2- By now home crafter should be open click on flooring. From here, we can choose to clone one of the existing floors or create our very own. Lets start from scratch so click on the big plus.

Step 3-  Just select the template file and click ok. You should now see a screen that shows the template. Now to edit it, go to my documents, ea games,the sims 2, Projects, Homecrafter Plus, Working directory and you should see the template file.

Step 4- Now it's time to re-size your image so it will fit the template for the flooring. Open up any graphics program that can re-size images or photos. I will be using paint shop pro. Re-Size the image to 256 by 256 then save it.

Step 5- open the template file that was in the working directory in paint. I think that paint is always the easiest to work with so i'm using it here. Also open your image that has been re-sized in a different paint. On your image select the whole thing and copy it. Back to the template and paste it. It should fit in the window fix it up so that none of the template is showing and save it.

Step 6- Go back to HomeCrafter and refresh your page. Now your new flooring should show up! Here you can come up with a name for your flooring, how much it will cost and a short discription. Also pick what catagory it should go in, if it will repeat and what it will sound like when your sim is walking acrost it. Once you are finished, click the import back to game and you have your custom floor!

Once you have created your flooring, you can package it to a file and send it in to be on the site! see the downloads page for more info.

This flooring and more will be able for download in the floor section.


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